Stepping Beyond, Inc. is a non-profit, certified
501 (c) (3) program started in 1999, designed to render aid to women newly released from incarceration.

Our Mission
Stepping Beyond assists women by supporting, motivating and encouraging them to take the positive steps necessary for reentry into mainstream society. We promote positive lifestyle changes for women in transition. Our program serves as a bridge empowering women to step beyond the pathways of negative behaviors onto a path prepared for law-abiding citizens.

Our Vision
To eliminate the return to prison of newly released ex-offenders and provide a learning and teaching environment for them to be restored as law-abiding citizens.

“It’s a known fact that 95% of all offenders who enter correctional facilities will someday return to the free world." Our job at STEPPING BEYOND is to make the transitional process a more positive experience for all parties.

Social problems need constructive solutions.
Changing Lifestyles One Step at a Time.
Share in the transformation with STEPPING BEYOND, Incorporated.